Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Journalism Schools - Career Study Options

Various career study options are available from accredited journalism schools and colleges to those looking to pursue a career. Students can train for the skills and knowledge needed to enter into the field prepared for work. Professionals in the field of journalism are trained to provide a variety of news to the public through a number of medias. Students can gain an education in this field by enrolling in an accredited degree program at several levels. Certificates, diplomas, and associates, bachelors, masters, and doctorates degrees are available.

Certificates and Diplomas

Accredited educational training programs offer students the option of earning a certificate or diploma in journalism. Students who choose to gain this level of education can train in areas like:

  • Media
  • English
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Digital TV

...and much more. Study in these areas will give students an understanding of story and media composition. By receiving training at these levels students can prepare for enrollment in an undergraduate or graduate degree program.

Associate and Bachelor Degrees

Accredited schools and colleges allow students to receive the training needed for an associate or bachelors level degree. Associate level degrees can be obtained by completing two years of study in areas like:

  • Reporting
  • Editing
  • Telecommunications
  • Journalism Law

...and much more. Students who choose to gain an associates degree from an accredited educational program can look forward to careers as print journalists, media writers, and other related professions. With an accredited bachelors degree program student typically spend four years on their studies. Coursework will vary depending on the desired career but may consist of courses in graphic design, news writing, layout, photojournalism and many other related subjects. Students can find employment as news editors, reporters, and much more. By obtaining an education at an undergraduate degree level student will have the skills and knowledge needed to enter into the workforce prepared for an exciting career.

Master and Doctoral Degrees

There are a number of accredited schools and colleges that provide the opportunity for students to gain a master or doctoral level degree in journalism. Students can gain a masters degree by completing an additional two years of training. Coursework at this level could include:

  • Media Management
  • Digital Video Production
  • Advanced Editing
  • History of Journalism

...and much more. Once a masters degree is obtained students can enter into careers working as investigative reporters, editors, magazine publishers, and more. With an accredited master degree in this field students will be prepared to further education at the doctoral level if desired. Doctoral degrees or PhD's can be obtained with an additional four years of study. Students can also study in media production, operations, publication design, journalism policy and other relevant courses. With an accredited doctoral degree students can enter the workforce as professors, news reporters, news anchors, broadcast journalists, and much more. With a graduate degree in this field students can start the career of their dreams.

Accredited journalism schools provide the opportunity to gain the quality education students need. Accrediting agencies like the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications ( http://www.aejmc.com/ ) are approved to provide full accreditation to qualifying programs. Start by enrolling in the journalism career training program of your choice today.

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